Headquarter and Registered Office

Cricket Square

Hutchins Drive

P .O. Box 2681

Grand Cayman KY1-1111

Cayman Island

Place of Business in Hong Kong Registered

31/F., Tower Two, Times Square

1 Matheson Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Joint Company Secretary

Mr. Deng Huaxin (鄧華新)

Ms. Ng Ka Man (吳嘉雯)

Authorized Representatives

Mr. Huang Dake (黃大柯)

Ms. Ng Ka Man (吳嘉雯)

Audit Committee

Mr. Tu Liandong (涂連東)(Chairman);Mr. Chen Chaolin (陳朝琳);Mr. Ke Jinding (柯金鐤)

Remuneration Committee

Mr. Chen Chaolin (陳朝琳)(Chairman);Mr. Xie Mianbi (謝綿陛);Mr. Huang Dake (黃大柯)

Nomination Committee

Mr. Zhou Shiyuan (周士淵) (Chairman);Mr. Tu Liandong (涂連東);Mr. Xie Mianbi (謝綿陛)

Compliance Adviser

Changjiang Corporate Finance (HK) Limited

Suite 1908, 19th Floor, Cosco Tower

183 Queen’s Road Central


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Share Registrar

Tricor Investor Services Limited

Level 54, Hopewell Centre

183 Queen’s Road East

Hong Kong

Company’s Website