Baiying Holdings Group Limitedwas listed on GEM of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 18 July 2018 with the stock code 8525 named “Baiying Holding”. We dedicate to providingequipment-based financing solutions to SMEs and entrepreneurial individuals.Weare licensed to engage in finance leasing business, commercial factoringbusiness and other relevant businesses.

Byleasing Holdings Limited dedicate to providing equipment-based financing solutions to SMEs and entrepreneurial individuals.We are licensed to engage in finance leasing business, commercial factoring business and other relevant businesses.

Our strong shareholder base, which is led by Fujian Septwolves Group and includes a leading enterprise based in Fujian Province, has contributed significantly to our stable growth and sound business operations.We are led by a team of highly experienced professionals who collectively have an average experience of approximately ten years in the banking, financing and investment industries, especially in the areas of risk management, finance leasing and marketing.

Since our inception, we have endeavored to serve customers from the manufacturing industry by fulfilling their evolving financing needs. Over the years, we have developed knowledge and experience in meeting the financing needs of customers from certain key sectors in the manufacturing industry, such as textile and apparels and special-purpose equipment. Since our inception, we had over 1,000 customers located in over 20 provinces.

We primarily offered two types of finance leasing services, namely, direct finance leasing and sale-leaseback, to our customers. To a lesser extent, we also provided factoring services and other value-added advisory services to our customers.

Our business objectives are to become a leading finance leasing company in China while maintaining an effective risk management system.